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Our Mission

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Business Expertise

We assist companies in fields such as banking & insurance, transportation, luxury or pharmaceuticals & cosmetics. At The BI Squad, we aim at being a multi-specialist in order to provide a wider expertise to our clients.

Technical Excellence

The BI Squad‘s know-how gravitates around the BI & Big Data technologies : Microsoft BI (SQL Server 2008R2/2012/2014) and the .NET Framework, Office & SharePoint for a traditional approach, as well as the Hadoop stack and its ecosystem for massively parallelized processing or cost efficiency of high-volume data storage.
Our use of machine learning, relying on these data processing technologies and innovative visualization tools, allows us to extract valuable knowledge from our clients’ data.
Our solutions give satisfaction to more companies, users and developers every day.
At The BI Squad, we focus on listening and respecting our clients, employees and partners.


The BI Squad relies on creative experts to implement robust and innovative solutions, highly integrated to its clients’ legacy architecture, and rationalizing their information systems, thus reducing costs.

Gathering experts in Business Intelligence, The BI Squad was founded in 2013 and is proud to be part of the DAMA France community as well as the Microsoft BizSpark startup program.